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David John Vandepeer - CG Arts & Animation 1st Class Undergrad
The Snazzies Retro Posters - The Snazzies Ltd
Tree Grow Animation - Kent College
Logo Design - Free Fall Interactive
& Son Expression Sheets - Polydoodle Pictures

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About Me

David "Stitch" Vandepeer

I Studied

CG Arts & Animation

The course at UCA Rochester was broken into units with mandatory requirements for a pass grade of A* to C-. We were required to attend anatomy classes and complete Autodesk Maya tutorials to learn the essential software of the course. We were to complete a total of 12 units including a dissertation and our final Minor and Major projects. I graduated in 2014 with a first class honours degree.

I work


My creative background originated in the Adobe Photoshop package where I started learning design through web applications. I then moved on to developing posters, logos & presentations. From there I chose to increase my knowledge through the CG Pipeline and moved into Animation, which served as a stepping stone into Motion Graphics encompassing 3D & 2D Animation.

I live

Graphic Design

I love my work. Every project where I get to use the skillset I spent 15 years refining through education is a personal pleasure. I work hard on every project and I love learning new things about my trade. I also have a very keen eye for detail and am quite meticulous especially with alignment & typography. I always get a great sense of purpose with every project no matter how small.

I love

Computer games

My passion for graphic design originated with video games which still is one of my prominent hobbies. I own practically every console and it is my lifelong purpose to fully develop my own games prototype, it is this passion that put me through school. I have worked on a few indie games projects but would love nothing more than to get work experience in a games studio.

Char Reel

3D Characters & Vehicles

The Blog

To entertain & inspire
  • Graphic Design Course Coming Soon!

    I just wanted to let everyone know that my first official online course will be available around Q1 this year. So all of your Graphic Design Newbies out there you are in for a treat. Its my first teaching experience ever and doing voice over was more interesting then I thought it would be. Exceptionally annoying when the Phone rang… (more…)

  • Timelapse Tutorial for Instagram

    I took a little time to sit down and create a video tutorial for my business partner: Ross CastleMay. It explains the madness of getting a standard 1080 timelapse onto the camera roll of an IPhone and eventually onto Instagram. We are starting to migrate our exploits over social media as a publicity push so keep an eye out @ffinteract. (more…)

  • The Long Shot Short Prep

    The long shot was a brief to create an animated storyboard/animatic with a matching pre-visualisation. These were ultimately used as guidance to produce an accurate animated short by a different name. Prior to creating the draft story I had to develop the central characters and of course produce a document for the clients approval. (more…)

  • Duel Shock FX Edit

    Well in other news I was commissioned to do some minor special FX edits for the Kickstarter launch of my former lecturer Stuart Dodd. The feature “Duel Shock” is about invading aliens looking to control human hosts with literal games controllers. I didn’t get paid but its a nice piece to be able to show you guys. (more…)

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